Cable Products

1130058054031-0105Being the Agents in UAE for Riyadh Cables Group of Companies has pioneered the cable and wire industry in the Middle East. Riyadh Cables Group of Companies is a leading manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of Power and Telecommunication Cables. Riyadh Cables Group of Companies has laid a firm foundation in wire and cable industry by modernization of production facilities and improvement of technical and quality standards. By dint of our all-out endeavor, ever increasing contracts for the supply of cables have been successfully completed or in progress both at home and abroad. Riyadh Cables Group of Companies offers a wide range of cables for demands made upon electrical, mechanical and thermal qualities. The listing of the cables below are not restrictive but only indicative of the main and most current types we manufacture.

Riyadh Cables Group of Companies (RCGC) is one of the leading and largest cable and allied manufacturing industry in the Middle East.
Ever since its establishment, RCGC has pioneered the Cable and Wire industry in the Middle East and is the leading Manufacturer and Exporter of all kinds of power and telecommunication cables for demands made upon Electrical, Mechanical and Thermal qualities.

1130058082750-1237The wide product range of RCGC includes small PVC insulated building wires rated 300/500 Volts up to and including 230 kV XLPE insulated High Voltage Cables with a variety of special features to suit market needs, Overhead line conductors, Communication cables used in telephone and information networks from one pair to 3600 pairs with advance characteristics and components, Fiber optic cables, Co-axial cables, Copper Rods, PVC Granules, Wooden and Steel drums etc.

Also included in the product range are categorized cables to be used in industrial plants, power stations, multi-storied buildings, hotels, subways, vehicular tunnels where demands are made on flame retardancy and reduction of density, toxicity and corrosivity of smoke i.e., LSF (Low Smoke and Fume) Halogen free cables.1130058113468-5260
Fire retardant cables to IEC 332-1, IEC 332-3A, IEC 332-3B and IEC 332-3C, PVC sheathed cables which are anti-termite, anti-rodent, ultraviolet resistant, oil resistant and cables with special sheathing materials such as CPE, LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE and HDPE are also available upon request. The product range is also inclusive of Special Watertight Cables which have been manufactured and supplied in huge quantities both home and abroad

RCGC provides services, which include technical support to contractors such as computerized calculations of ampacity ratings for the most varied conditions and can determine the load currents for almost any practical condition. Sag and Tension charts for overhead line conductors.
RCGC also provides services such as Installation of High Voltage XLPE cables which include Consulting and System design, Cable Laying, Accessories Assembly, Turnkey projects, On-site installation, commissioning and a.c. or d.c. testing, System Guarantee.

1130058144859-4371The Company has implemented in its system total quality management. Its commitment towards quality is reflected by the achievement of ISO 9001 (TUV certified) and BASEC. It has the most advanced equipment and laboratory facilities for complete testing of its products both for incoming raw material as well as finished goods.
1130058187093-9679The company has a realistic approach towards improvement and development of its products, therefore, it has established a Research and Development Department whose main objectives are:
1. Selection of the best raw material for cables after long term and short term testing and after in-depth analysis and review.
2. Co-ordinate with other research bodies both in the Kingdom and World, to study cable phenomenon such as cable aging and insulation de-gradation and provide measures to minimize this effect.