Building Material Products

The Material SIOPLAST®:
SIOPLAST® consists mainly of sand and waste plastic. In simple procedure fabricated, it is the base material for a wide range of constructional applications.
Main Characteristics of SIOPLAST®:
SIOPLAST® combines both, the robustness of sand and the ductility of Plastic material based on long polymers. This leads to properties which makes SIOPLAST® an outstanding material with these main characteristics:
• Minor expansion behavior1130047519265-3182
• Lower abrasion rate compared to standard concrete
• Resistant against liquids, toxical and chemical products
• Positive machinable (sawing, drilling, cutting)
• UV – and color fast
• SIOPLAST® can be produced in almost any color
• Water proof (fungus, alga, etc…)
• Recyclable
• High frost resistant
• High impact resistant (more than 10 times of similar conventional materials)
All these characteristics makes SIOPLAST® the ideal material for construction elements such as pavement slabs, roof tiles, manhole covers, pipes, poles, Tree bed covers, steps etc….
SIOPLAST Common Specification Table
Technical data SIOPLAST roof tile (big-tile)
Technical data SIOPLAST block step
Technical data SIOPLAST BLOC
Technical data SIOPLAST Approach/Drive protection ( 750 mm x 275 mm x 42mm)
Technical data SIOPLAST Floor plate Hexagon
Technical data SIOPLAST Floor plate, square (400mm x 400mm)
Technical data SIOPLAST Front plate or Façade plate (1000mm x 1000mm)
Technical data SIOPLAST Ground anchor (600/200 mm x 150mm)
Technical data SIOPLAST Italian plate square (400mm x 400mm x 30mm)
Technical data SIOPLAST pipe (150mm x 12mm)